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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Get College Credit for What You Already Know

High school seniors are looking frantically for college funds. What if they could receive credit for what they already know, saving time and money? When I was just a homeschooled kid, my mother signed me up to take the College Composition CLEP (College Level-Examination Program) test. I scored well enough to place into English 103 at my college of choice, receiving credit for English 102. (Interestingly, my college still required me to take the English placement test upon arrival--bureaucracy, I tell ya). So there I was a freshman in class with sophomores, having spent the equivalent of today's price of $80 instead of whatever a three-credit English 102 class costs.

English isn't the only subject you can rock. CLEP currently offers 33 exams in five subject areas. 2,900 colleges and universities accept them for credit.

Also from collegeboard.org, now through May 9, creatively announce your college decision for a chance to win $5,000.

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