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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Teachers Can Help Close the Education Gap for English Learners

Gotta share this fantastic interview with SupportEd president Diane Staehr Fenner about equity in English language learner (EL) education. Diane shares what individual teachers and districts can do to close the education gap for ELs, along with resources to help make it happen. It's a great Q & A to share with staff at start-of-the-year PDs. We want our English learners to have the best back-to-school experience possible, starting with teachers who care to make a difference.

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Friday, August 2, 2019

Fun and Inspiring Pinterest Boards for Teachers, Just in Time for Back to School

Hello, August! Let the countdown begin!

One of my most popular blog posts gives readers links to some of my teacher-y Pinterest boards with all sorts of back-to-school goodness for teachers in all grade levels. Since it's a new school year and I've changed up my Pinterest world a bit, I thought I'd share with you again.

Also new, you can now find me on Instagram @amyballardwriter. I post what's new in my TPT store, books I'm currently reading, resources for teachers, sales and freebies, and other eye candy for teachers.

Without further ado, here are my favorite Pinterest boards for your enjoyment!

American Lit
Teaching HS (primarily ELA-focused)
Google Awesomeness (tips and tricks for teachers using all things Google)
Writing Fiction
Teacher Supplies (Okay, I love this one!)
Classroom Decor (with eight sections for themes, etc.)
Classroom Management
Teaching Vocabulary

For the Teacher's Well-Being
Christian Teacher, Public School
Smart, Professional Clothes (now with sections for accessories, shoes, etc.)
Lemons ("Squeeze the Day!" classroom theme, anyone?)
Travel Soon (with lots of fun, vintage travel poster art)
Healing Garden (Take a walk in my garden! It's soothing!)
Healthy -Ish Snacks
Living Coral 2019 (Pantone-inspired color board)
Blessings (Can I get an "Amen"?)
Books to Read in My Nonexistent Reading Nook When It Rains
Teacher Gifts
The Florist Shop
Writing Space

What's your classroom theme for fall 2019?
Follow a favorite teacher-pinner? Share with us in the comments so we can share the love!

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Monday, July 29, 2019

Seeking Guest Bloggers for Fall 2019

Have a great idea for a blog post for teachers? I'd love to hear from you. Guest blogging for Christian Teacher, Public School may be a great way to get your idea out there and build community with other teachers. Here's what we'd most like to see:

  • Posts that discuss the everyday life of teachers who hold to the Christian faith while teaching in the public school. This could be in the form of a journal, a how-to, or any structure that works for you.
  • Technology, art, music, and other special focus areas of education. Give us your takeaways from a recent conference, a book you loved, or a class you took. Inspire fellow teachers to hone their craft and be the best they can be.
  • Devotionals for teachers. How has God been working in your life recently? What Bible passages has He laid on your heart to share with other teachers? Share ideas for how to pray for students.
  • Posts that show us first-hand how you or an interviewee build rapport with students and parents.
  • Posts that help teachers understand IEPs, 504s, and how to both relate to special needs students and help them grow academically and emotionally.
  • Book reviews of recently-published books for teachers. You could also do a roundup of readalouds, multicultural novels for middle grade readers, or other books for the classroom library. Have you written a book for teachers? We'd like to know.
  • Posts that show us first-hand how you or an interviewee teach a lesson, build a unit, organize a field trip, rock a fundraiser, or other practical how-to article.
  • Posts that round up resources for Christian teachers in public schools, especially freebies, helpful organizations, teacher hacks, online tools, and basically anything practical for daily teacher life.

If you write about students, be sure to change names and any identifying information. Follow FERPA! And get any necessary permissions from people you interview or photograph.

Some guest blog submissions may be declined, usually because they're not quite what I'm looking for. Follow the above bullet points, and you'll be more likely to have your idea accepted for publication. Feel free to submit more than one idea!

There's no pay for guest blogging with me, but I'll generate buzz through Instagram @amyballardwriter and here on my blog. You'll spread the word to your friends, and our combined readership will get your ideas out there to a wide network of teachers. I hope you'll consider sharing your awesome-teacher insight on Christian Teacher, Public School this year.

All the best,