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Friday, July 1, 2016

More Goodies in the Mail

I must not be checking my mail often enough. Somehow, all these goodies keep arriving in batches. Today's mail brought me three special blessings!

First, the July/August issue of Christianity Today. This issue alone is enough to make me urge you to subscribe (and no, I'm not an affiliate of theirs!). The focus for July/August is "Meet the Makers: 20 Leaders Mixing Faith and Innovation." Featuring creative people like Pete Docter, story creator and screenplay writer of Inside Out, and Lara Casey, who founded Southern Weddings magazine, the issue has my creative juices flowing already, and I've only just skimmed it. Even my four-year-old finds it inspiring. He's making me repeat the names of the art tools on the cover to him over and over again!

Second treat in my mailbox: my new business cards from Vistaprint (nope, not affiliated with them either). Love them!

Single-Column ESV Journaling Bible
And third, my order from Dayspring (yes, I'm proud to be affiliated). As soon as I saw the Single-Column ESV Journaling Bible, Summer Garden, I had to have it. It will be a Christmas present for me from my husband. (Surely I'm not the only one who Christmas shops this way?) And my other Dayspring goodie was Sadie Robertson's Scripture Shareables. They're business card-sized, cute, and perfect for tucking in a card or putting out on the table at conference sessions like the ones I'm presenting in July. Fun surprise when I got them, they have cute heart-shaped cut-outs in the corners. I guess you could put the cards on a ring for easy memorization. I think these and the journaling Bible would both make great gifts.

Scripture Shareables
That's all for now. If you'd like to give someone else "Goodies in the Mail," I love Dayspring's eCard Studio. It's easy to use, and the cards emphasize encouragement and the light of the Word.

After two spontaneous day trips to the mountains, I'll soon be free to wrap up Unstructured Play Week. Hope to see you here!

Unstructured Play Week
Day 1 Paper dolls
Day 2 Kitchen Chemistry and Cooking
Day 3 A Hike Up the Creek
Day 4, Part 1 Every Child an Artist, including 12 Suggestions for Grown-ups in the Lives of Young Artists

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