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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Paying Opportunity for Writing About Teaching

For those of you who are writers in addition to being teachers, check out this paid writing opportunity from Chicken Soup for the Soul. Just scroll down to the "Stories about teachers and teaching" section header. If you're new to freelance writing but have always wanted to give it a try, be sure to visit the Story Guidelines page before getting started. Follow directions precisely for best chances of success. Because the editorial process takes time, you might wait up to 60 days to hear that you've been accepted. Writers learn to be patient while waiting. This particular market will not inform you if they have rejected your work. And remember, it's highly competitive, so rejection does happen. Keep your head up and try again!

Deadline for this collection: June 30
Word count: under 1200 words
Pay: $200 one month after publication

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