". . .the word of God is not bound." II Tim. 2:9b

Thursday, April 21, 2016

"Now the Left is the discriminator"

In a new article on nationalreview.com, David French writes about how officials in the state of Georgia are practicing discrimination against Christians working in the public sector for their beliefs as expressed outside of their public capacities. The article focuses on Dr. Eric Walsh, a Seventh-day Adventist who was terminated from his job as a district health director when officials were assigned to listen to his sermons (delivered on his own time), did so, and fired him. The resulting federal lawsuit is the second to target allegedly discriminatory Georgia public officials. In February, the city of Atlanta fired fire chief Kelvin Cochran after learning he'd written a book that reflected a Christian view of sexual morality. Also on his own time.

Why link to this article on a blog meant for Christian teachers in public schools? Because, as French states,
". . .now the Left is the discriminator, seeking to purge vocal Christians from public life. Now, even sermons are not safe from government scrutiny, and a man who’s never been accused of workplace discrimination finds himself unable to find a job in the public. . .sector."

The time has come when all public employees who are Christians will face growing discrimination. I'm thankful that the Bible gives us a road map for navigating the new terrain. We will certainly need it.

More soon on this topic. Please share Bible verses you're turning to as the times change. And let's be praying, even so much the more as we see the day approaching.

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