". . .the word of God is not bound." II Tim. 2:9b

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Moment for Prayer

Take a moment to pray for your school. Today, focus on the elementary end. Mention teachers and students by name if you are able.

Kindergarten: That God will guide our littlest ones' hearts to Himself, through parents and grandparents and other caring adults in their lives. That the teachers will have stamina to match that of the kids.

First Grade: That the teachers will have wisdom and the students would apply themselves as they learn to read, to add and subtract, and to write.

Second Grade: That the teachers will have stamina and passion for their task; that students would be free of distractions and able to strive toward their full potential.

Third Grade: That the teachers will articulate the importance of each task as students learn to multiply and divide, to read fluently and with comprehension, and to express themselves clearly in writing.

All classes: That the teachers will be humble and seek each other's support and advice. That students would cooperate with each other for greater learning, and that they would approach the learning tasks of the week with exceptional enthusiasm.

Dear Lord, you have called us to teach. Please help us to view ourselves as servants, specially placed to do your work in the public schools. Help us to care more, to give more, to pray more for the needs of our students.


I Thess. 5:17 "Pray without ceasing."

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