". . .the word of God is not bound." II Tim. 2:9b

Monday, December 7, 2015


He says, "Ask, and you shall receive."

In my teaching career, I have far too often been guilty of not asking. Maybe it's forgetfulness, or maybe it's bravado, but my carnal nature more naturally does not ask for help. I have my devotions in the morning; perhaps I even think throughout the day about the passages I have read. And I pray for the needs of friends and members of my church and my family.

But do I ask for God's help with my daily needs in the classroom?

My needs are many. I need wisdom, patience, comfort, courage, endurance, encouragement, and love. My students need prayer. My coworkers need prayer. The families of students need prayer. Am I asking?

Recently, in two different situations, I have been challenged to pray for God's intervention in my classroom. The first was a miscommunication on my part, and I needed God's help to be humble and make it right. I enlisted the help of three or four prayer warrior friends and headed into the fray. I cannot explain why the other party responded so well. The conversation, I can truly say, went better than humanly possible.

The second was a teaching situation. Sometimes you as the teacher are not the only one presenting information, and other presenters can introduce a perspective that is counterproductive. Without being more specific, this was the type of situation that troubled me. Over the weekend, I prayed over the problem, asking God to take care of it without my having to "fight." Once again, He answered in a way that could only be God at work. The situation was neutralized.

I believe God is stronger than man, and that if I turn to him in faith-filled prayer, He will create good in my life. It's exciting to see how He answers each specific request. And when He does, let's remember to thank and praise Him for His goodness.

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