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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thankful Third-Graders

Some of the things my son's third-grade public-school classmates are thankful for this Thanksgiving:

Mom and Dad
Baby sister
My freedom
Pet dog
The Bible
Video games
Being loved

It did me so much good to hear the kids read their short essays about three things they were thankful for. The class also performed a traditional, low-key skit about the First Thanksgiving. My son (a Pilgrim in a floppy hat) is blessed to have a teacher who encourages her students to think on what's really important in life.

Here's another example of her ability to keep it simple. Instead of the craziness of a class Secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange this December, she is having each student hang a sock above his or her cubby. Each student will bring in a small item such as a piece of candy for each classmate's sock. Minimal fuss, no inflated expectations, and a sock full of simple goodies for each child. I predict no tears and lots of smiles.

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